WTF?!? What exactly am I buying?

The recipient of your designation will receive a letter in the mail in a special envelope designed to create a sense of urgency to open it. We prefer not to give any more specific details on the envelope so it's a surprise.

Inside the envelope is a letter folded in such way that ensures that the act of opening/unfolding spills out a proprietary blend of -what appears to be- freshly harvested, curlicue hairs shaved from the body of the man depicted in the photo. The letter itself (once unfolded) displays a graphic photo of a VERY hairy individual shaving their body. The “hair” that falls from the letter is NOT actual body hair but rather a perfect synthetic replica, designed specifically to make clean up difficult (think of it like glitter, only grosser). If you opted to include text with the letter it will be printed alongside the photo.

What is the reaction when someone receives a package?

Just Imagine the face of someone who receives this package that is equal parts crude and creepy with just the right amount of ambiguity to keep the recipient up all night trying to figure out what it all means. (insert evil laughter here). This is the best way to anonymously get your friends/enemies into a "hairy situation." Please check back to the website to see the latest reaction videos submitted by customers.

Why would anyone pay for this?

If you don’t find this hilarious, then nothing you’re going to read in this FAQ is going to change your mind. Move along, nothing to see here.

Is the hair mailed real?

No. It's exactly what you’d expect to find on an inexpensive merkin, assuming the merkin is very lifelike and of surprisingly good quality considering the low price. Also, assuming the said inexpensive (yet lifelike) merkin uses synthetic hair not real hair. If you don’t know what a “merkin” is, click here. Who would have thought this website has the potential to be educational?

Is the photo of the hairy man real?

Yes! This "hairbrained" idea to send people body-hair-by-mail was not something we raised millions in seed money to pull off. We took the photos/videos with our phones, so no photoshop enhancements etc.

Were you buzzed when you came up with this idea?

Our body hair was.

Will the receiver know who sent this?

Not unless you tell them. There is the option of including a message of your choosing where you may opt to expose yourself as the sender, but otherwise it's completely anonymous.

Can you ensure that the package arrives on such and such date?

Packages are typically delivered within 1 week of orders being placed but unfortunately, we can’t control the postal service.

Is this some sort of joke?

Yes and no. It’s meant as a harmless joke/prank, but it’s all legit and for real, (except the hair itself). We don't expect to become million-hairs from it, but if we can make some people laugh who share our warped sense humor, we win!

Why would I pay $9.99 when I can I just do this myself for free?

We feel this is a very fair price, and shouldn't tap into your shavings. If you want to do it yourself, go for it. We mostly only posted this question to work in the "shavings" pun above.

Why isn't this FAQ longer?

We had to cut it short.