Custom Message

Custom Message

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The recipient of your designation will receive an anonymous  letter through the mail in a special envelope designed to create a sense of urgency to open it. Inside the envelope is a letter folded in such way that the act of opening/unfolding spills out a proprietary blend of -what appears to be- freshly harvested, curlicue hairs shaved from the body of the man depicted in the photo. The letter itself (once unfolded) displays a graphic photo of a VERY hairy individual shaving their body. The “hair” that falls from the letter is NOT actual body hair but rather a perfect synthetic replica, designed specifically to make clean up difficult (think of it like glitter, only grosser).  

You can send your own custom message (some restrictions apply) that will be printed on the letter. 

  • Please list the custom message in the "notes section" of the shopping cart before checkout. reserves the right to delete any parts of the message we deem inappropriate and clearly we have plenty of tolerance for inappropriate. Any "hate messages" will be removed before sending.